Concrete Cleaning In Huntsville, AL

Driveway and Patio Cleaning

From grand entryway to subpar first impression – dirty concrete can instantly degrade your property. Clean and Fresh helps your property own its full potential in curb appeal with our concrete cleaning solutions.

An initial site inspection will help us understand where your concrete needs extra attention, so we can deliver a uniform level of clean across every inch.

Clean and Fresh Pressure Washing isn’t intimidated by dirty concrete. We come to your property with advanced pressure washing technology that represents the cutting edge of residential cleaning. When this is combined with our powerful cleaning detergents, the result is night-and-day.

Driveway Cleaning in Huntsville, AL

Our Concrete Cleaning Process

1. The Estimate

One of the most important questions as a customer is how much does this cost. Every pressure washing service we offer is based off square footage. Using GPS imaging we take precise measurements of your property to ensure you get an accurate quote. Once your driveway or patio is measured, we throw the square footage into our estimate software and email you a quote for the cleaning. Its quick and easy!

2. Preparation of your Driveway and Patio

Upon arrival your experience will be nothing shy professional from start of cleaning to finish. Our trained technician will part the equipment out front of your house and do a thorough walk around of the property ensuring to make not of any trouble areas and remove and furniture, plants, or other obstacles on the concrete. Finally, we will leaf blow away any debris from the surface to be pressure washed.

3. Pre-Treat the Concrete

 It’s important to note that just pressure and water is NOT enough to removal all the growth from your driveway! Just like auto oil on your hand, the right soaps will help things come right up. When cleaning your hand, you could easily blast your skin with a lot of pressure, but odds are you will irritate your skin and likely leave behind some staining. This same concept can be applied to your concrete. Our unique process of pre- and post-treating allows us to utilize less pressure and ensure nothing is left behind.

4. Algae Removal through Surface Cleaning

Once the algae, mildew, mold, and dirt have been loosened with our pre-treatment your concrete is ready for a nice even pressure washing. Our equipment is top of the line and utilizes a surface cleaner, which is essentially a spinning disk. This equipment always guarantees an even clean pattern while using lower enough pressure to never damage the concrete. We go over your surface and clean multiple times if needed to make sure all the algae growth has been removed from the concrete.

5. Rinse Away the Grime

Most homeowners are shocked by the “sludge” that we pick up from their patios and driveways during cleaning. Now that the concrete is cleaned, we rinse, and spot treat any stubborn areas we may have missed. We’ve been described as having “just enough OCD to make sure the job is done right”.

6. Post Treat for Guaranteed Growth Removal

Not only does algae, fungus, and mold grow on top of your concrete… it also grows its roots down into the pores of the concrete. If water can reach it, algae will grow. Think of pulling weeds from your yard. Most will come out, but some may leave their roots only to spread and come back sooner! However, if water can reach it so can our soaps! We post treat to ensure nothing is left behind and the algae must completely restart after our concrete cleaning.

A beautiful home starts from the curb… And a standout first impression begins at your property line. With concrete cleaning from Clean and Fresh, your hardscapes will always be on your side.