Gutter Cleaning In Huntsville, AL

Do not let dirty gutters bring the rest of your property down! Clean and Fresh has a solution. We are proud to be a professional gutter cleaning resource for the Huntsville community. 

Your siding might be squeaky clean, and your roof has never looked better. Your landscaping might be well-tended, and your home improvement checklist has all the to-do’s crossed off.

But if you have dirty gutters, all the benefits of your property can be deeply compromised. Often times our customers see dirty gutters and think they are covered in organic growth. However, this is not always the case! More often than not what is seen on gutters is oxidation staining cause by the shingles on your roof. Whenever it rains the water picks up tar stains from the shingles and drips it onto your gutters. The result? A dark stain that cannot be removed with just pressure or water!

Huntsville and the greater Alabama area is a four-season climate, and mother nature can take its toll. When your gutters are not regularly cleaned, the result can include:

Oxidized and stained shingles

Reduced curb appeal

Poor gutter quality

Our gutter cleaning experts use a low-pressure washing service to make your gutters cleaner, brighter, and better. We are experts in stain removal and restoration – and we are proud to bring this result to you.

Our Gutter Cleaning Process

1. Clean the Surface

The first step to our gutter cleaning process is outlined in detail on our house washing page. It is important to first safely remove any algae, mildew, mold, or other organic stains from the surface. This creates a surface that is easier to work with and highlights the primary gutter staining.

2. Treat Gutter Staining

Once the surface growth is removed it is time to restore the gutters to the best they’ve looked in years. We use a special blend of soaps which targets the tar stains on your gutters without hurting the pain. Once treated we give the gutters a nice scrub to clean away those gross stains.

3. Rinse

Finally, we rinse the surface to show your beautifully restored gutters! We will do a once over to ensure no gutter staining was missed before our trained technicians pack up and head to the next job!

With professional service from Clean & Fresh, your free time doesn’t have to be dominated by a do-it-yourself exterior gutter cleaning project, which can be as inconvenient as it is unsafe. Instead, we take care of the process for you — from start to finish.

When your Huntsville home has clean gutters, your property is officially ready for long-term success.