House Washing In Huntsville, AL

Curb appeal might start at your property line. But the positive impact should be just as strong up-close-and-personal as it is from afar. With Clean & Fresh, your home or business will always look 110%… And have the quality to match. Soft washing isn’t just the best way to restore your house to its beauty. If you’re eager to preserve your investment, it’s the only way.

For virtually all our building washing jobs, there is only one approach that we’ll ever use: Soft washing. It delivers the best results through a process that is safe for your siding and your property.

High pressure literally blasts your siding, removing a thin layer of your vinyl in the process, which compromises the quality of your exterior. Think of a when you get a stain on your hands, you don’t just blast it with a ton of pressure to remove it! You get a little soap, and it comes right off. Think of our house washing as hand washing. With our special blend of cleaning detergents, soft washing your home is the better approach.

House Washing in Huntsville AL

Our House Washing Process

1. Walk the areas to be Cleaned

Before starting any job, we will first walk the property to note any potential problem areas for cleaning. This includes loose panels/trim/vinyl, open windows, or existing damage. Our trained technician will document and discuss these areas with the homeowner prior to starting the pressure washing!

2. Prepare the Property

From the moment we arrive until the time we leave we treat your home as if it were our own. Before using any soaps to clean we make sure to clear your patios and porches of any furniture or plants. We tape up non-weatherproof outlets, fans, doorbells, or electronics on the exterior of your home. Finally, we tape plastic sheeting over high-end stained wooden doors to protect their finish from water to be extra safe!

3. Prepare the Garden

While our detergents are safe to use on your home without any harm, we like to take extra steps to ensure your house is left better than the way it was when we arrived! That’s why we rinse your plants before and after starting the algae removal process. This ensures the plants don’t absorb our soaps and are left spot free!

4. Treat the Exterior of your Home

Now that the prep work is out of the way, it’s time for our favorite part! The soft wash! We literally get to watch the algae growth disappear before our eyes. With our industry leading equipment, we will treat your home with our algae blasting soaps entirely from the ground, no ladders involved. Don’t worry, though, we can clean the exterior of any home all the way up to 55 feet. That’s mold up to 3 stories and a peak!

5. Wait and Spot Treat Stubborn Mold

Some of the best things in life take time, and algae removal is no exception. Our soaps take time to work their magic, but not too long! Once the initial treatment has started to kill off that grime on your home, we will come through with multiple follow-up treatments to ensure nothing is missed! Our technicians are trained in spotting even the smallest of algae spots on your vinyl, fascia, gutters, and trim.

6. Rinse the Algae from the House

Now for the easy part. Once our detergents have worked their magic on that gross mold and mildew, we come behind with a high volume of water to rinse away all that soap. Don’t worry though, our soft wash is truly that. We use the about the pressure of a garden hose to rinse your home!

7. Done!

That’s it! We will do one final walk around of your house to make sure every last spot is caught. That’s our guarantee! Once our technician gives their seal of approval you will have a Clean and Fresh home!

We take the curb appeal of your home seriously. If the result isn’t up to our high standards, then our job isn’t complete. With Clean and Fresh, you aren’t just getting a beautiful first impression… You’re getting one that will last.