Wood Restoration In Huntsville, AL

Woodwork can be one of the largest investments on your property and should never be an eyesore. Especially with our beautiful southern weather, you deserve to be able to enjoy your backyard without being distracted. With Clean and Fresh, we will make sure your deck and fence are always at their best. your deck or fence will always be an attraction for your property.

Many customers come to us after giving the DIY option a try. After costly equipment rentals, hours of hard work, and a frustrating experience, the result is a deck that only looks subpar and might even be damaged beyond repair! That’s where Clean and Fresh comes in. Our wood cleaning and restoration services use a fine-tuned process combined with the best equipment on the market to effectively and safely clean your exterior surfaces.

Every stain is different – and we rely on the proper chemicals to remove each one. While dirt might require one cleaner, paint requires something entirely different. You may have an old stain wanting to be removed to try a new color. From decks and fences to pergolas and trim work, our inventory is stocked with all the solutions we need to completely restore your wooden surface.

Wood Restoration in Huntsville AL

Our Wood Restoration Process

1. Initial Inspection

No two woods are created equal. Whether its pressure treated pine, mahogany, cedar, or oak not even the same wood behaves the identically every time. Wood restoration prices can vary greatly, so Clean and Fresh likes to know exactly which route is best to save you money! That’s why we come to your house to visually inspect the condition of the fence or deck needing cleaned. We will observe and take the appropriate measurements to put together a free and accurate quote!

2. Prep work

On the day of cleaning our professional team will arrive and treat your house as if it were their own. Prior to beginning the deck or fence cleaning we will first remove any furniture or plants from the area and then blow off any debris.

3. Treat and Soak

Now it’s time for some magic! We batch mix our unique chemicals for each job depending on severity of mold and condition of the wood. We treat the surface making sure not to miss any spots and let it soak. The trick here is time. Our chemicals are formulated to attach that gross algae and mildew on your deck and fence, and all it takes is time.

4. Pressure Wash

Once treated the wood is ready to finally get a nice pressure washing. However, don’t confuse pressure with high pressure. When cleaning wood it is incredibly important to not use too much pressure and clean in the appropriate manner to ensure there are zero uneven marks in the grain of the wood. We have years of experience and are the best in the area when it comes to deck and fence cleaning Low pressure with the grain of the wood to restore it to its glory. We don’t want stop-start marks. Retreat and go back over any stubborn areas.

5. Post treat to brighten

Wood cleaning can be tricky, but we have every trick up our sleeves. When cleaning a deck, the chemicals will temporarily darken the color of the wood. The last thing we do to the wood is neutralize all our soaps to return everything back to a bright natural look! This step also prepares the wood to take a stain or pain without any worries for re-activation of our chemicals!


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